Thanks for dropping by our website! Interesting times, don't you agree? We have lots of information about food catering services in a time of COVID19, and we invite you to look around. Looking for the best catering? Los Angeles knows to call Jennie Cook's for special events and parties. We're taking your safety into account with every step we take right now. We miss Los Angeles as it was, a vibrant city full of parties on the weekend! We’re a professional yet casual kind of company and we call our food homestyle Americana, with an emphasis on plant based cuisine. We keep it clean, simple, local, delicious and abundant. We are currently offering pick up and drop off meals, individually packaged meals and plated service in this time of extra precaution. We know our parties are great, because our customers keep coming back! We excel at working with the seasons and making the most of our fabulous weekly farmer’s markets, especially Atwater, Hollywood and Glendale. So whether you're looking for Los Angeles catering or surrounding areas give us a call!

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The Shoppe (our Commissary)

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3048 Fletcher Drive
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Parking: Park on the street and walk down the driveway, look for our signage on the front building; we're in the back building, and our name is there too.

We promise to provide our food catering services with great heart, passion and consciousness. Our personalized catering package for your special event will keep your budget in mind, satisfy everyone’s palate and deliver the stress free party of your dreams. We strive to create a joyful work environment that supports the health and happiness of our clients, our catering community and our staff. We are dedicated to protecting and restoring our environment. We procure consciously and sustainably. We are life long learners in the art of hospitality and truly thrive when being of service in the Los Angeles catering world.

Our most popular menu selections

We like to tell our clients that it's not ALL about the food when it comes to a great party, but it is our most favorite part. Whether it's an evening of appetizers or a classic celebration with hors D'oeuvre, dinner and dessert, we are full of brilliant ideas that will satisfy and delight your guests, highlight the location, and work within a sensible budget. Our catering prices vary according to each specific order, but general guidelines are listed in each category. Most parties with our amazing staff start around $80. per person. We can do it for less and we can do it for more! We are so flexible, we'll surprise you with our ability to make you happy. At Jennie Cooks Catering, Los Angeles has never eaten better; Let us be your number one company for all your catering needs!

Appetizers & Starter Menus

When catering in Los Angeles these delightful bitefuls are either stationary or tray passed. We can do our ever popular Market Table with breads and spreads, fresh and dried fruits, local and imported cheeses, bruschetta and crostini, or petite bites depending on the size of your crowd. Stationary platters start around $79.00, and individual appetizers start at $3. each and top out around $6.00 for the fancy ones. Most clients do a combination of both.

Individual Meals for Production

We've adjusted our menus to comply with the current situation. all food is individually packaged and labeled. Our staff will set everything out on the table with the menu. We have everything set up with no-contact delivery, including eatwares, salt and pepper and a cookie!

All We Do for parties

At Jennie Cooks, catering Los Angeles is our passion. Here are some of our most requested events! Brunches and baby showers, cocktail parties and children's birthday parties. We welcome your ideas and preferences so we can make recommendations for your event menu. If you see something you like, or have an idea, we can create a menus and recipes based on your inspiration!

Instagram Gallery

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Jennie Cook

Making great parties is part of Jennie’s genetic makeup. You can read all about it in her cookbook, "Who Wants Seconds?"

After decades of catering in Los Angeles, she can still say with an open heart and a smile on her face, that she really, really loves it.

The Staff

Megan Birdsill

Megan is our chief financial officer, general manager and event coordinator. She handles all the staffing, client relations and daily operations – and she does it with great heart and a good sense of humor. Megan has fallen in love with catering, event planning and would love to talk to you about your upcoming event. Give her a call for questions about food catering services!

Captain Stacie

You might meet Stacie at your tasting, or buzzing around Los Angeles doing assorted catering things. She runs most of our weddings and many of our private events. She is a perfect Captain. Graceful, direct and ever  delightful makes for a sensational hospitality professional.

Sheila King

Sheila is one of our most talented hospitality professionals. She’s an excellent catering captain and always sets a beautiful table. When she’s not catering; Los Angeles is the canvas for her mixed media art.