Mask Etiquette 2020

Are you doing it right?

Now that face masks are the new normal,  what’s the proper etiquette? Seeing as my encore career features “The Courteous Mrs. Cook”  I’m going to lay down a few face mask do’s and don’ts. This is entirely based on fashion, other people’s opinions and has little to do with “community spread”,  there will be no talk of science.

I’m a big fan of the homemade variety. I like the ones with the ties, because  you can pull them up and down easily in case you’re feeling claustrophobic like me.

My Johnny washes his everyday.  I get food on mine everyday. Trying to eat. Through my mask. Still. After three weeks.

I do like the little wire around the upper edge, it does help with glass fog. But don’t be Michelle, she tried to sanitize hers in the microwave and started a fire, because she forgot about that little piece of wire.

My BFF made the one I’m modeling below.  She’s much smaller than me ( who isn’t?)  so the ear loops were a little tight.  I added a shoe lace and extended the loops and also, I can wear it around my neck this way.

There’s a discussion about  the proper dog walking mask etiquette. I wear mine out the house, but only put it on if I’m within six feet of a human. Johnny puts his on before he leaves the house. I think it’s my claustrophobia, I can’t.  I see lots of folks without them, not even for show (like me). It is the LAW, after all.

I do however, wear it into all my markets and in the kitchen at work. I don’t wear it in my car. Many folks do, Ive noticed.

We’ll have to get  them for the staff, I assume, when things get back to … normal?

I’m thinking a signature company mask.

Do you like this one?

Scarves work, as do Buffs, chef Tim likes this one, but he also says it gets exhausting breathing through it.  He also has a beard, which may cause friction.

Whatever you pick, wear it well. There’s nothing wrong with coordinating your mask and your outfit,  and  you should probably wash that thing on the regular…

Cheers to us, we are surviving a pandemic.

Is there anything you’d like to add? Email me.