Weekender Menu 10.2.20

Order by 8 A.M. Wednesday, for Friday pick-up.

Lots of favorites on the menu this week!

Set yourself up for the weekend, you’ll be really happy.

Order by 8AM Wednesday for pick-up Friday – from 1-4.

Place your order with an e–mail, click here!

Weekender Menu – order today for Friday Pick-up!

Here is the menu for orders this week!

We have discontinued Tuesday pick-up, extended pick up hours on Friday, as well as lead times.

This means you need to get your order in by 8 AM Wednesday!

This week, since I’m a little late getting the menu out, I’ve extended the order window until noon tomorrow.

 Our current team is amazing and excited to start cooking for you again!

As of today, we are no longer catering events, outside of the production arena. The industry has created a stringent system to minimize contact and has instant COVID testing on every set.

I really don’t want to be part of the problem.

The event industry has taken a huge hit with the pandemic, and I am grateful to still be in business.

We’ll be concentrating on what is safe and predictable and offering an extended Weekender menu as we get closer to the holidays, so you can enjoy good food with your pod.

For now, we are not taking any events that request service. It’s just not safe and FOLKS SHOULDN’T BE HAVING PARTIES!! 

We are concentrating on you, my special private clients, and keeping consumerism alive in Hollywood productions with lots of commercial catering.

So jump in! Set your weekend up with delicious eats!

All the entree’s and casseroles freeze really well, too.

E-mail us your order!

Personalized Cuisine #24

Have you had the feijoada?  A delicious Brazilian stew with sweet potatoes and black beans, sausage and cilantro. Rice on the side.

Creamy sun-dried tomato chicken breasts are full of flavor.

A classic Scampi can’t be beat. GARLIC!!

Our eggplant parmesan is the tops!!  Three cheeses and pillowy eggplant layers, baked to bubbly perfection.

Make your life easier! stock the fridge.

Personalized Cuisine #22

Week twenty two!

Get on the e-mail list for our flash sale this week, on soup, turkey chili and turkey Bolognese!