Weekender 11.6.2020


 A crowd favorite!  With big shrimp, chicken and chicken sausage.

I’m working on perfecting the personal apple pie, so you should get one of those too…

Send us an e-mail to order.

Weekender 10.30.2020

Halloween is next Saturday!!

It may be canceled here in Los Angeles, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love the holiday!

We know many of you have Halloween traditions –  if that involves food, don’t hesitate to call!  Please place your “off-menu” special orders for your pod by Wednesday.

E-mail or call for pricing and availability.

Weekender 10.23.2020

I’m not gonna lie, the Katsu chicken is fried chicken. It’s one of our favorites.

Do you have a vegan in your pod? The butternut fritters are very tasty and naturally vegan and gluten free.

I’m looking forward to the empanadas, too. Machaca beef and butternut… pass the crema!

Send us an e-mail with your order and we will reply swiftly.


Weekender 10.16.2020

A week of classic Yum!

I love me some chicken schnitzel and nectarine chutney ( from our pick at Masumoto) add a little Italian cabbage slaw and I’m one happy eater.

If you missed the meat pie, we’re running it again.

And of course, everything else and cookies.

Weekender Menu 10.9.2020

Place orders by Wednesday 8 A.M.

It’s back! Ottolenghi Meat Pie! It’s a crowd favorite, and it is what it says – meat pie! I also love the crab cakes and always, empanadas.

Take a look at my son surfing with the whales on Stinson Beach. Quite a site. He’s getting ready for the virtual fundraiser for Oakland Lacrosse. It’s coming up this Saturday and if you know that kids needs sports, please consider a donation. Oakland Lacrosse celebrates the students they mentor and creates strong, civic humans on the field and for the future. These kids appreciate competition and grace. It’s pretty great.

WhenI asked him what it was like to be in the ocean with whales passing through, he said it was “scary”. ” I hear them before I see them.”  Hmmm.

From the shore it looks magnificent. Perspective.

Here’s the menu! Place that order and enjoy the weekend!