This is hands down, my new favorite restaurant.  I’ve been about 6 times in the past month, and each time has been successful.  I started out with the ice cream and cookies. They use “Kind Kreme” coconutty goodness with Babycakes NYC cookies. This was a good start, although truth:  I prefer the vegan gelato at  Pazzo Gelato, with grapefruit as my first pick.

I went with my daughter and her friends (5 of us) for lunch a few weeks ago.  These buffalo bites were hearty and delicious.

We all had different items, and Allison referred to the  “bowls” as hippie mush.  Now I don’t think that’s a very flattering name for  the delicious vegan treats that were presented.  I guess I feel obliged to protect all references to hippies as positive (it must be my addiction to cotton clothing).  I had the burger bowl, really delicious and filling with a great flavor profile.  this is the soul bowl.

(I lifted it off yelp, so it’s  a really small photo)

As a customer service extremist,  I would give them a passing grade,  but not a full on A+ just yet.  I like friendly engaging waitstaff  with  a balanced awareness of customers needs versus their own sense of cool.   Some of the staff has not yet embraced the honor of foodservice just yet, but I’m sure  if I keep going and dropping those crazy tips, they will  in time learn my name and say hello.

I love this restaurant!  It’s in my neighborhood, the food is delicious and vegan and  the chefs are creative and consistent!

YAY for Sage Organic Vegan Cafe!!