Once upon a time, a little girl loved a little restaurant called the Double Dutch. Her Momma loved it too. When it was vegetarian wedding time, the decision was simple! Call Jennie!! We reminisced, shared recipes and created a lovely backyard celebration.

The space was petite.  We had to wait till after the ceremony to set up the tables. It all worked out of course, it always does.

They made these cute party favors, and guests used them, too.

There were about 100 guests tucked into the small space, and you’d never know. Everyone was very happy to rub elbows with their neighbors.

It was our second Henson Cake of the season! This was a three tier, naked  funfetti cake. Back before Ms. Piggy left her Frog. (Breaking news – they reconciled.)

It was a joyous occasion! It’s not often that we get a request for the corn sensation, but when we do, it’s usually an old Double Dutcher.  Cheers to many more shared recipes, intimate events and… Babies!!

Oh!  One more thing –  I loved these glasses available when guests arrived. The ceremony was sun kissed and this was a nice change from fans and parasols. It’s fun to mix it up.