This week is truly going to be Yummm-derful!!

The branzino is back!

We always make sure to make an extra for us, because  it’s a chef favorite. Yes, it has the eyeballs, the head and the skin. Not your jam? Ask for a filet from chef Amine.  He’s a Master.

The corn sensation is  available for another week. It’s an old fashioned corn pudding with masa, so it has a tamale flavor. Excellent with the roast chicken!

The whole roasted chicken comes with potatoes and carrots, and feeds my little family all week, through chicken Sammies and salads.

Julia Child’s Ratatoiulle is in my cookbook, and it does not disappoint, but alas, doesn’t photograph well, either.

The vegetable Tian is thin sliced zucchini, onions, potatoes and carrots and  if that’s the only vegetable dish I eat till I die, I’d die happy.

Cold Sesame noodles are a NYC staple, we add a few vegetables…

Don’t forget about the RIBS!  in a red cook sauce spiked with ginger and tamari – oo la la…

Get those orders in!