Here we go into the eleventh week. Is that related to the eleventh hour?

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Menu descriptions for WEEK ELEVEN!

The spatchcock chicken is a whole bird flattened out with Mediterranean spices.

Stuffed cabbage is how you remember, deliciously seasoned ground turkey tucked into Napa cabbage with a sweet and sour tomato sauce.  (Vegan on request.)

Chicken and shrimp paella with peppers, arborio rice and a little chicken sausage. (Vegan on request.)

Chicken Schnitzel is triple dipped and pounded to perfection. A crispy coating with a fresh fruit chutney. (vegan on request with Korean Dave’s tempe)

Maple Pepper flank is like the Asian steak, only spicier!

Cashew cream spinach is YUM!

Buffalo cauliflower is roasted and tossed with buffalo sauce.

Ratatouille is delicious. Layered like a lasagna, all vegetables and gluten free too!

Catalan gazpacho is smooth and delicious. A staple in every Spanish kitche,

Baked white beans are simmered in the oven with Parisian herbs and a little white wine… YUM.

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