When my kids were little they went to a crunchy hippy school, ran around barefoot and learned all about critical thinking and camping. As a bonus, during the holiday season, one of the teachers would do a two day happening where the little bobbins made presents for their friends and family. I still have a cutting board with a carrot logo and a foot stool from this happening. Ever since, I’ve been craving my own holiday happening with a great takeaway. Oh! I know! PIE! This is us, happening after our first and rather intimate MIATI.

It was a crazy day. The crowd loved it. And the kids… SO HAPPY! They loved making a pie in my kitchen as much as coloring the boxes and busting out all my special tapes and magic markers. I made them cookies too. Kids love cookies.

It takes a lot of organization. We serve a vegan friendly lunch, guests make and bake a pie (or two) and thankfully, My Johnny helps out. He keeps the flow going and manages the pie makers. We call him the Maitre DUH.  Even his shirt goes crazy!

I think we had about 50 pie makers the first year, now we cut it off at around 80, and then there’s the last minute regulars that I always accommodate so our real cut off is 100 pie makers!! There’s always some kind of party favors too. For this year I’ve been brewing vinegar with the apple scraps from last year’s pie apples. I think it’ll be ready just in time.

We’ve been blessed with rain free days, and for the record, rain will cancel, but come on by for a pie crust and some apples for your own pie session.

Heather made these pies back in 2008 and has been coming every year since. Last year her son told her that little sister was NOT invited. This was HIS thing. I love him.

I couldn’t do it alone, that’s for sure. It’s a crazy great day. We all resemble cartoon characters at some point during the day trying to do it all, but it’s super fun, high energy and really memorable. And there’s beer from our neighbors at Eagle Rock Brewery, pie makers love beer.

My friends from Triple Chicken Foot. keep the merry flowing. They are our go to Old-time musical group and they get to make a pie too!

I don’t advertise the event anymore, it happens the same day every year (the Sunday before Thanksgiving) and the same folks keep coming back. I send out an e-mail or two to let the word out and we start taking rezzies on November 1st. Are you coming?

Here’s a little minute of my family enjoying the holiday. Dance dance dance.