We were very inspired by this award winning shot by
Wedding photographer Paul Woo http://wanderingwood.com
to revisit all the reasons we love children at weddings…

#1:  They get all the feels watching Brides and Grooms walk down the aisle!

#2:  They make the most of dressing up in their swirly dresses and bowties!

#3: They are watching everything VERY closely
(and they look edible while they do it!)

#4:  They love being grown-up and solving the world’s problems
during cocktail hour!
(#4A: Kids tables…how awesome are those?!)

#5:  They know it’s all about the LOVE…and they are thinking about it
(or drawing hearts in the gravel – love this!)

#6:  They know what a dance floor is REALLY for…
(Lots of love for this award winner photo by Lanny Mann https://twomann.com/ )
Where the heck was she?  Lying on the floor?!  Brave woman!

Fantabulous Venues where we fed these cuties…we recommend them all…