Part FOUR: A Toast to my Daughter and her Wife

I know I’m off schedule, and I’m supposed to be blogging about the ceremony (still pulls on my heart – so beautiful) but everything changed this past six weeks – my head chef walked out, after twenty -five years and the new chef hurt herself… I’ve been cooking full time.

All in a days work, sure, sure.

Not to worry, we are making beautiful food, of course.

I’m dying to share more deets about the best day of my life, so I’m doing a quickie here about my toast.

All the parents toasted.

Here’s my handsome Johnny.

The Engber’s, Natalie’s parents.

So charming.

Look at how Evan is holding the flashlight for Irene to see.

(It’s hell getting old.)

And me.

I did an activity more than a toast.  I was nervous about it, but I confided in Allison, she told me she loved it and I should do it. Just what I needed to hear.

I talked about how much I love applause and that we all need more of it. I asked everyone to put out their hands and feel all the love in the room, right through their palms.

And when they caught the energy coursing through, I told them we were going to applaud,  rising up in a standing ovation for love and marriage.

It totally worked. All the feels.

Now, zoom in and look at my mom in this picture. Love.

She’s dancing with her grandchildren.

Now, look at my kids, I have a new daughter!