Remember them? Thirty-nine years ago, on my parents impeccably tailored lawn on the formal fountain patio, I had something very important to say the night before our wedding. Remember?

I Do.

Thanks for always doing fun things with me.

Thanks for loving the ocean like I do, and retreating with me every year to the edge.

The beach. The water.

I’m out of gift ideas, but then something happened and I knew the perfect gesture from me to you, for our thirty-ninth year.

You know that quirky dishwasher-loading cutlery separation thing you do?

You know, forks with forks, knives with knives etc.?

Happy anniversary hunny, I’ll start doing it, too.

I know my disregard for this habit  has been a great source of discontent for you.

I know I have mocked and taunted you about this controlling, obsessive behavior.

I can’t say I’m sorry, I still think it’s weird that you do it, but now, I’ll do it with you.

Two weirdos together, separating the silverware.

Cheers to thirty-nine more.