Have you heard? It’s my sixty forty-year, which adds up to one hundred which adds up to my NUMBER ONE YEAR!

I turned sixty in April, and this Sunday, hold your hats, I put forty years of marriage to my Johnny, in the books!

Fortunately, we still love hanging out, doing fun stuff.

We’re headed to Italy to celebrate at the end of the month!

A dream come true, because we’re doing a food tour on the Amalfi coast, after we visit Rome, and Milan to see old friends.

I love traveling with my Johnny, especially to the edges of the continent. Here’s my fam, playing an Italian ball game on the edge of the Pacific.

So cheers to us, husbunny.

We truly are something; best friends, choir buddies, lifelong mates. I am amazed everyday, that we still connect with love, share a sense of humor, and have a regular date night.

We are such different people, and together we create another swirl of energy and vibration around us, our neighborhood, our friends and family, that keeps us in joy.

It’s a rare and special thing, and I’m in great appreciation that we make it all happen together.

Thanks for always being my driver, indulging my need to spread love and build community, and dogs.

Forever and always, you’re my guy.