Written by: Special Agent, Juli Frankel 

Our 5-Star Los Angeles catering reviews almost always mention
our outstanding service.  It is something we are super proud of and we thought we’d give you a peek under-the-hood and show you how we create
the culture that makes it happen!

Here ye, Here ye!
Welcome to the 4th Annual Buck’s County Corporation Company Meeting!

Okay, we’ve been in business for 33-years but, we started doing company meetings seriously four years ago.  We had an epiphany that with all the loading at odd hours, the cooking, the jobs all over Los Angeles and an ever evolving staff…we needed to re-connect.  The only way to do it of course…

Over yummy food and drink!

This year’s meeting took place in a cool little house in the back of
The Alcove Restaurant on Hillhurst.
(It was OUR meeting and we weren’t going to cook!!)

All our staff and core employees are invited to come and share ideas, a really fun menu and open bar.  The $20 bill?  Well, it IS a company meeting (remember!?) so Jennie makes sure everyone is paid to be there.

Everyone gets introduced.  Promises are made like –
“Yikes! You are getting cut! We will NEVER put the knives in the sink again!”
and accolades exchanged –
“You made that!!! Everyone loved it!” and “That was your idea?  Cool!”

We applaud each other A LOT!

And then Jennie gets started…

She covers operational details that have come up from linens to loading.  She covers safety issues that she’s kept track of in her book…like those KNIVES!

And then she gets to the heart of the matter…
How proud she is of this staff that we are always mindful that Jennie Cook’s Catering is, at heart, a “Hospitality Forward Company!”

That the respect we have for each other and the care we take in what we do always spill over into how we treat our clients.  We exist to bring the great food and hospitality!  So, until next year…we should hold that good thought and be inspired to keep “Spreading the Love!”

And now we should practice what we preach…

Let’s Eat!

(It is after all…a Meeting!)