Planned Parenthood Dinner Event at Steph’s

For two years now, Steph and I have teamed up for a night of fundraising. We do a “Cook the Book” with food talk at her house. This year, it was for Planned Parenthood and it was a great group of friends, all ready to party.

We started the night with Chilmark Cocktails. Always a crowd pleaser.

She sets a beautiful table, for this evening, two!  Her hubs is a bit of a collector of antique games and carnival attractions. (He has 750 pieces) You can see them on the side of the dining room.

Boyd hired a professional photographer so we took some snaps.

Everyone had a grand evening and we talked about food. I love that.

This little gem was my favorite thing. Steph’s son gave it to her as a gift, but only to share. He keeps it in his room, and when there’s a party, she can use it. So he brings it downstairs to the kitchen. I love that story.

Festival of books fun this Saturday!

In between breakfast weddings and a cooking session with the Culver City Girl Scouts, I’ll be hamming it up at the Festival of Books on Saturday, with colleague Terry Wahl, of Auntie Em’s fame. We’re doing a “party tips session” at our publisher’s booth. Come check us out!

We’re on at 2 PM,  This Saturday, at the USC Campus (good luck with that)