The Fourth of July Forever & All Time

I’m from a line long of white collar barbecue masters.

Our greatest annual event for as long as I lived in Pennsylvania,  was our Fourth of July celebration on the homestead. A grand barbecue indeed, with a peanut scramble, volleyball (men only, sadly)  and lots of illegal explosives. The entire neighborhood was invited. And the jugglers came too.

The other thing we looked for at that time of the year was the corn. “Knee high by the fourth of July” was our chant and that meant delicious corn for the August supper table. We ate corn every night in August – and we loved it on the grill.

These days, corn is a source of aggravation for me, but the Fourth of July still makes me proud. I love my country, my freedom, and my food, even with the issues, we’re making changes for a more informed America.  We have a right to know what’s in our food, how it’s grown and where it’s from. I believe.

We celebrate in Seattle now, with the fam, and our rituals are, well, smaller, but not without great appreciation for being a citizen of these great United States. God bless us, everyone, God Bless America.

Planned Parenthood Dinner Event at Steph’s

For two years now, Steph and I have teamed up for a night of fundraising. We do a “Cook the Book” with food talk at her house. This year, it was for Planned Parenthood and it was a great group of friends, all ready to party.

We started the night with Chilmark Cocktails. Always a crowd pleaser.

She sets a beautiful table, for this evening, two!  Her hubs is a bit of a collector of antique games and carnival attractions. (He has 750 pieces) You can see them on the side of the dining room.

Boyd hired a professional photographer so we took some snaps.

Everyone had a grand evening and we talked about food. I love that.

This little gem was my favorite thing. Steph’s son gave it to her as a gift, but only to share. He keeps it in his room, and when there’s a party, she can use it. So he brings it downstairs to the kitchen. I love that story.