Balsamic Vinaigrette Recipe, My Little Gift to You

I think I make the best vinaigrette dressing, except for my friend Kathleen, who just pours olive oil and vinegar right on the salad. I’m not sure why her salads are so good, but they are, and her other friends agree. This recipe for dressing is right out of “Who Wants Seconds?” and it is the best, unless you’re having Kathleen over for supper. Then let her bring the Salad.

The Villages Book Tour in Florida

It’s time to throw it back to May 2014, when I spent the week with my Aunties in The Villages doing a book tour. I must say, it was the most fun ever, and I wanted to move in.  Everyday was a party and the preferred mode of transportation was a golf cart. So fun!

I started with a tasting and signing at The Ancient Olive. The crowd was totally into it, and  the turnout was fantastic. Here we are just getting started.

Then, my Aunt Millie and Aunt Lynne hosted a wonderful dinner party. We cooked all the favorites with a little help from their friends, and had around sixty guests. It was a sellout!  I sold every book we had shipped in!  It was glorious!

I made labels of course to make the food look extra delicious.

That’s my cousin Jennie and Aunt Millie, it’s her eldest child. My mom’s name is Jennie and there’s another cousin named Jennie. It’s one of our tribe names. Here we are doing a little post party clean up. I’m already in my cozy clothes.

Here are some of the happy party people.  Somethings (like rabbit ears) never get old. That’s my Aunt Lynne on the far right. It was simply a spectacular visit. Thank you Aunties, for showing me the love and a super fun family holiday.