Tip of the Season – Stringer Lights.

What’s that one magical must-have thing for your party?

Stringer lights.  Immediate atmosphere and excellent lighting.

Look at this elegant setting in Silverlake. You’d never know we’re serving pie and ice cream! ( really good pies BTW)

What do we have here? A driveway? Who knew! Stringer lights and a full drape on those hi-tops really glam up this outdoor corner.

They look fantastic inside of old barns!

This wedding site was atop a bluff in Malibu. Anya really captured the moment, glowing with stringers.

A sideways twinkle light can also be very pretty.

And they even work in the late afternoon to add a little something poolside.

my beloved Costco has a great deal on stringers. Treat yourself to a couple of boxes. You won’t be disappointed!

My Daughter’s Wedding – Update…

We’re deep into the planning. The menu is set, the potatoes are planted and the signs have been painted.

There’s been a bachelorette at a glamp site in Bolinas –  I heard it was magical. I love that both her brother and sister were there. And of course, her sweet twin sister Miranda from another mother.

There was a big barn clean out at the Hog Farm. This barn is very sentimental to her Feyonce Natalie, who grew up there.

She’s always wanted to have her wedding celebration in that barn, so that’s what we’re gonna do.

I can tell you this, the picture of the clean barn is not fueling the vision I’ve been cultivating for my baby’s barn wedding…


But I have no doubt the day will be perfect, from start to finish and so full of love, my heart might just explode.

I could not be more excited. It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up, and I lay my head down at night counting cutlery and creating soundtracks.

Who knew love could be so invigorating?

I did.

(Epic photo by Julie Branson)