Location of the Year 2011

Instead of giving the honor to myself (we all agree at Jennie Cooks, the best events are at the Shoppe), I award the title to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. For starters, they have great parking and they let you drive on the lawn for load in. That doesn’t happen at most Museums of distinction.

Then there’s the inside.

This is the whale room where we’ve seen men dance half naked at the Most Amazing Wedding Ever.

Below is the Rotunda. On this particular occasion, we served the bride’s delicious and amazing homemade vegan cakes.

Although off topic, I must also mention these adorable party favors. Alix made them. They were waiting for the guests with their table numbers. I’m not kidding when I say Alix was the cleverest bride in all the land.

Cocktails with the dinosaurs. Can you beat that?

At the AIGA RE-EXTRAVAGANZA there were amazing sustainable art installations in the North American Mammal Hall.  We loved these Solar Sculptures and are hoping a client might like them too… Garden party anyone?

And look at this! Put a cork in it!  Have a seat! All of these installations are from award winning local designers.

So, should you ( or your company) be looking for a fun event space… go to the Museum!

Location, Location, Location

As the wedding season is coming to a close and the holiday parties are about to commence, I just wanted to share some insider tips with you about a few of the places we’ve worked at. There are about a million places to host events in Los Angeles County, and every bride or event planner, wants to pick the perfect one. Jennie Cooks has been to too many places to count. Since I’ve only been doing this for a year, I’m still very impressed (or not) with event spaces.

The most recent place we went to was The Ambassador Campus, which used to be some sort of Christian college founded by a famous radio evangelist. The place is gorgeous. It is located in the old millionaire’s row in Pasadena right off of Orange Grove. They have Italian terraces, gardens, swimming pools and mansions with some beautiful architecture.

Garden Wedding

Garden Wedding

Mansion Reception

Mansion Walls

The only cons to having your wedding at an old abandoned mansion is that there is only one guest bathroom on the bottom floor with sketchy plumbing. The kitchen (made for the servants) is small and terrible. And this place makes the caterers sweep, mop and vacuum all of the floors upstairs and down (wtf? i know). Shouldn’t that be included in the very expensive event fee?

Moving on to one of my favorite spots is of course the Smog Shoppe. It’s one of the “greenest” event spaces, LEED Certified and all that jazz. It used to be an old automotive shop, hence the name.

The Vertical Garden (at our Halloween wedding)

Outdoor Courtyard and Dining Space

Great Indoor Lighting

They used over 90% recycled materials to build it. There’s a stormwater recycling system (super i know), solar panels, vertical gardens, an outdoor courtyard, and the biggest most awesome open kitchen . Sounds perfect, right? If it only didn’t cost $10,000 to rent out for 12 hours it would be. I hope the valet is included.

And in LA, beaches, friend’s homes and of course, sets, are very popular for any occasion. And why not? Comfortable, beautiful (with the right decor of course), sort of free & with no real restrictions.

My fair Wedding Set, SouthBay Studios

House Celebration in Pasadena

Wedding at Beach Home, in Hermosa maybe?

Santa Monica Beach

One note about the beach: it’s pretty & the sunset vows are quite romantic, but it’s hard to walk in, there’s a lot of wind and sand gets everywhere!

There are pros and cons to every place, but don’t get too stressed out! No matter what, your wedding is gonna be just lovely.