Verria Ties the Vegan Knot

She was worried. Not about her soon to be hubs, about serving all her guests a vegan meal.

 I wasn’t!

 We kept talking her down and finally, we decided a cheese plate would be a happy compromise for the beginning of the meal for the doubters.

We didn’t need it – they loved the food!

She was a beautiful bride. These pictures, while I love my iphone, do not do her  justice. She was stunning.

It was a small backyard affair – the same day as the UCLA graduation (and 5 blocks away)  but  that didn’t stop us from arriving on time and ready to go. 

Cheers to a life of love, laughter and plant based goodness.

A Beautiful Friday Bride at Smog Shoppe Part One

This lovely bride took DIY to a new level. I have to break it up in two posts because there’s so much to share!  She had everything taken care of with lots of re-use and dare I say, upcycling. 

The centerpieces were clusters of old glass vases and vessels with roses, costas and baby’s breath.  She made little buttons too. These fans were the programs for the evening.

I love this little flag bearer with the “here comes the bride” banner.

She had framed signage everywhere and she made her beautiful bouquet.

Margaux and Chad! (Sissy says I always need a picture of the bride)

So Beautiful! She made that! But did she throw it?

I’ll end this first post on the candy bar.  Notice the signage and packaging and  the shelves. It looked amazing against her mom’s collection of lace and ticking.

Don’t those Whoppers look good?

Stay tuned for part two.