Pretty Marmalade

My friend Judy  down the street from See Saw Studios, had a bumper crop of oranges and  2 days  available, so we put up.

She made  a  delicious organic orange marmalade. I made a cara cara marmalade and a blood orange marmalade.  The yield is very small  and we  stretched it out by adding a  caramelized orange at the bottom.

Delicious on my morning polenta.

Prince and Moby and Me and Tomato JO

Last month, While I was waiting on line with my daughters to see PRINCE at the ORACLE in Oakland, I got an e-mail on my new  I phone – Moby’s having a Vegan Housewarming Party, Can I cater it?  We’ll yeah, after the  PRINCE concert!

I worked with his amazing personal assistant and created a 6 hour drop in cocktail pool party at the  tippy  top of the Hollywood Hills. The house – INCREDIBLE, the view, outrageous.  The crowd, never ending, in a good way, a constant  flow of friendly  and appreciative guests from 3 to 10 pm dropped in for a nosh and a swim (about 200).

The bar featured organic beer and wine  from the geniuses at Silverlake Wine and our  home brewed citrus potion (and Master Tender Greg).

The food was vegan, organic and snackalicious. The potato empanadas  with avocado crema, vegan sliders (with special sauce & sprouts)

and  sesame noodle boxes

were the top three favorites of the  day.

Hollywood is fun.