Shout out to SAGE in the EP

This is hands down, my new favorite restaurant.  I’ve been about 6 times in the past month, and each time has been successful.  I started out with the ice cream and cookies. They use “Kind Kreme” coconutty goodness with Babycakes NYC cookies. This was a good start, although truth:  I prefer the vegan gelato at  Pazzo Gelato, with grapefruit as my first pick.

I went with my daughter and her friends (5 of us) for lunch a few weeks ago.  These buffalo bites were hearty and delicious.

We all had different items, and Allison referred to the  “bowls” as hippie mush.  Now I don’t think that’s a very flattering name for  the delicious vegan treats that were presented.  I guess I feel obliged to protect all references to hippies as positive (it must be my addiction to cotton clothing).  I had the burger bowl, really delicious and filling with a great flavor profile.  this is the soul bowl.

(I lifted it off yelp, so it’s  a really small photo)

As a customer service extremist,  I would give them a passing grade,  but not a full on A+ just yet.  I like friendly engaging waitstaff  with  a balanced awareness of customers needs versus their own sense of cool.   Some of the staff has not yet embraced the honor of foodservice just yet, but I’m sure  if I keep going and dropping those crazy tips, they will  in time learn my name and say hello.

I love this restaurant!  It’s in my neighborhood, the food is delicious and vegan and  the chefs are creative and consistent!

YAY for Sage Organic Vegan Cafe!!

Pretty Marmalade

My friend Judy  down the street from See Saw Studios, had a bumper crop of oranges and  2 days  available, so we put up.

She made  a  delicious organic orange marmalade. I made a cara cara marmalade and a blood orange marmalade.  The yield is very small  and we  stretched it out by adding a  caramelized orange at the bottom.

Delicious on my morning polenta.