The Alt Car Expo!

This past weekend we were fortunate enough to participate in the Alternative Car Expo in Santa Monica. We dominated that Expo really, being the only food there, other than the free Cliff Bars they were giving away. It’s a rare occurrence for Jennie Cooks to serve thousands of people,  (no really, thousands!) in one weekend. And I’m pretty sure we’re still recovering. At least I know I am. And I didn’t even have to go into the shop at 2am both days to start the cookin’, Thanks Chefs!

Not only did we host a Jennie Cooks Vegan Cafe inside the Civic Auditorium for all Expo Participants..

Gio & Claire holding it down at the cafe inside the Expo

But we also were grilling sliders and brochettes for General Motors.

I was grill master Miranda

Our servers were also tray passing the appetizers and attending a beverage bar for people waiting to test drive the new Chevy Volt. Their tent was by far the most elaborate set up in the joint.

Big shout out to CODA who had a few our staff serving juice drinks in their booth as well. They were a pretty popular destination, seeing as it is the first Chinese electric vehicle to be showcased in the States.

I’m not the biggest fan of the electric car and its lithium battery, but the expo was still pretty impressive. My favorite part was the half naked man riding his bike in his American Flag Speedo (Sorry no pictures are available) and our Chickpea Salad Sandwiches being sold in the cafe! The “chickpea of the sea” as some vegans like to call it…


Back and Loving It

Here at Jennie Cooks we are really trying to step up our whole social media game. Internet presence is key according to many, so along with this lovely blog I’ve been working on “being social” in the realms of Facebook and Twitter (you should probably like us and follow us if you don’t already @jenniecooks or Plant Based Parties). It sounds like fun I know, but getting paid to tool around on the internet and talk about food and parties is surprisingly hard work. Always having to be witty and interesting and a know-it-all is just a lot of pressure.

That's me feeling stressed by my blogger's block

With that said,  I’ve been suffering from a writer’s block if you will. Nothing sounds interesting or funny to me anymore, my pictures seem boring, recipes trite. But the Queen of the Kitchen has ordered me back to the chopping block every week.  So I will focus all of my Tuesday attention to food and how awesome Jennie Cooks Catering is and how much people like us (thanks Green Girl!) and how more people should like us (Please yelp people). And why wouldn’t they? Look at that. It makes me want to eat beet burgers and chocolate cake at 9 in the morning.

Compliments of Alix’s Cute and Delicious Blog

Compliments of Mondette

I wish I had pictures of  Sharon Stone ( a very picky eater, despite that french fry) or Rascal Flatts (awesome eaters, even if their outfits aren’t), just some of our latest super celeb clients. No big deal. Or of the hilarious writers over at the top secret studio that shall not be named that we don’t feed. You should watch their 2 new shows about broke girls and diners and broke boys who dress like broke girls to make money. And if anyone knows the people over at the new show PanAm, you should hook a sister up with their number. I hear they spent $100 mill on their pilot alone, and I’m sure they’d love us too.

– Miranda