Dinner with Friends -New Menus!

We think that you should have your friends over for dinner at least once a month.

You could order one of our fabulous new menus, and split the bill…

What a great idea! I feel your vibration increasing at the thought!

Dinner comes with all the food listed, in 9 x 13 recyclable aluminum tins. (Metal is a valuable recycle, give a rinse and maybe even re-use!)

Menus feed between eight and twelve, depending on appetites and ages.

Most menus are vegan friendly and some are completely vegan!

So give us a call, we’ll go over prices and take your order.

 Then call your friends and make it a great weekend.

Spread love.

Holiday Menu Collection 2018

Here they are!

I’m super excited about lots of holiday driven delights.

Lots of seasonal flavors…

Some really great celebration menus with SO MUCH FOOD!!

All the classics are available, some with a twist. Can’t beat delicious.

Plant-based options are abundant.

All our menus are still available… of course!

We are here for you! Drop us a line or pick up the phone, let’s chat about celebrations!