Veganizing My Life – Part One

So, turns out I have high cholesterol. I eat pretty well, but I do love my fatty white foods. My Johnny and I decided to do the Forks Over Knives six week non- fat vegan plan, and you know what?  Couldn’t do it.  I cannot subsist on steamed food. I love my olive oil. I love it so much. We remain, plant based more or less, if you don’t count that turkey sammy I HAD to have on a pretzel roll this morning, for breakfast… I’m not perfect.

 I have over time, perfected a few junk food moves that are worth sharing.

This is a little falafally thing, one of my go-to meals.  I kind of used this recipe, minus the panko, and I always sprinkle in a little leavener, I used baking powder for the fritters in this pic. That’s a little za’atar and sumac for flavor in the little tupperwares. I didn’t have any tumeric or flax eggs, so I went without this time. Worked out fine.

Now about that slaw, from such sweet cabbage from My Lindsay girl’s summer job at Irene’s Farm.

I could eat cabbage with every meal. So very satisfying, crunchy, sweet and a little spicy. Does a vegetable get any better?

And all the other things, too. Summer is good to eaters.

These are my vegan hacks for dairy substitutions.

For the slaw – equal parts vegan sour cream or yogurt and veganaise, a generous portion of sugar and apple cider vinegar in equal parts.  Start with a teaspoon of each and keep adjusting.

For the  tzatziki –  I’ma big fan of the Kite Hill Almond products –  A little plain yogurt, parsley, and smashed cucumbers ( dill it if you like, not my cup of tea).  I stabilize it with a small bit of veganaise.

For the Tahini – I took a little vinaigrette dressing, added a tablespoon if tahini,  a tablespoon of veganaise, and a squeeze of fresh lemon. I  noticed with tahini that less is more.

For the Onion Soup Dip –  Knorr’s onion soup mix, yes it’s vegan, no hidden beef stock,  vegan cream cheeze and rice milk.  I whipped up the Kite Hill Cream Cheeze with the rice mix to the consistency of sour cream and then added the dry mix –  Turned out really well.

I’m a huge fan of vegan cream cheese because it’s thick.  I think vegan cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt and veggies all taste pretty much the same, so it’s all about consistency when it comes to cooking. It also makes a great base for creamy sauces.

 As a side note – I even had my eighty-eight year old meat eating Mama eating vegan! Yes! There she is in her pirate glasses!

I’ve been working on a little lentil mushroom kefka thing. I’ll let you know when it’s perfected!

I’ll let you know when it’s perfected!

Bon Apetit!!

Peachy Tequila Punch Drunk Love

I hear folks are melting in Los Angeles. So sorry,  I’m here, at the beach, watching whales and sipping on whatever I want, whenever I want it!  I love holidays!!

This peachy punch was a hot ticket at the last Nibbles & Sips. Give it a go, with this seasons’ amazing, juicy and abundant peaches. It’s Friday, It’s hot and I know you need a little “vitamin T ” right about now. Am I right?

Are you wondering how I make my fancy ice cubes? Well, make a noise and I’ll expose my ways!  It’s kind of tricky, I’ve had some fails, but I got it locked and loaded now, so I can advise.