Really Delicious Sesame Salmon

For my friend Michael with the World Wide Mind


Soy, sugar or honey, ginger, garlic,  cornstarch, rice vinegar,  sesame seeds, sesame oil and wild caught salmon.

Recipe for the Sauce:  Make a nice teriyaki by combining 2 parts Soy Sauce to 1 part sugar or honey.  Throw in some grated ginger and garlic –  I like alot but it’s up to you.  simmer on a low heat till flavors are blended –  about 15 minutes or  longer. Make a slurry by combining a bit of cornstarch in a little water till the cornstarch dissolve.  Whisk it into the teriyaki.   Adjust the sauce  with a little splash  of lemon or rice vinegar if it needs a little tart.  Feel free to strain out the ginger and garlic, or leave it in – chef’s prerogative.

Then – stand at the stove and  brown a generous portion of sesame seeds on a medium flame in a saute pan.  Once you can smell them all toasty, pour in enough sesame oil to bind it all together, add equal parts of the teriyaki (the leftover sauce will keep indefinitely in the refrigerator).  That’s the sauce.

For the fish: preheat oven to 450. Cut your salmon into portions. coat the tops (inside, not the skin side) sear in a hot pan on  the tops only, place on a baking sheet, top with a generous portion of the sesame sauce and bake till flaky. (internal temp 120 to 140)   Alternatively, it can be finished in the pan, but the oven baking makes for a nicer finish.

fresh salmon talking to the baby

fresh salmon talking to the baby

Serve with rice and seared vegetables.  There is a delicious version of this sauce called SOY VAY if you’re feeling lazy ( but mine’s better).

Cross Contamination

This is a perfect picture of cross-contamination.  I left a little bit of food on top of the jelly when I was scooping it onto my peanut butter. It blossomed.  Someone else would throw it all out but  I scooped it out and the surrounding jelly, and refrigerated it.  It was not refrigerated prior, thus a perfect habitat for mold. Bon Apetit!

blossom of cross contamination
blossom of cross contamination

The moral of the story is: use clean utensils and refrigerate open bottles of food.