Recipe Alert! Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta

This Al fresco pasta is a Jennie Cook’s classic.  The recipe takes about 5 minutes to put together, plus pasta cooking time. It has an unexpected tanginess, and the  earthy texture of the dried tomatoes adds to it’s delight.  Fantastic for potlucks and  simple supper, and a nice change from a classic pesto.


Get all your stuff together.

I use my little chopper for this, but it could also work in a blender or full size food processor.

If you’re using hydrated oil free tomatoes, it’ll result in more of a paste than the ones here, which were packed in olive oil. At the shoppe, we always use dry pack tomatoes.

Get the tomatoes, garlic, some oil and the thyme in the chosen machine, and give it a whirl!

Then you toss all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix!

Here’s the printable recipe.

  I had it for lunch and dinner. Then my Marla June knocked the bowl off the counter and ate the rest, in between the shards of glass.

Here’s the finished product before the dog ate it.

Potato, Endive & Avocado Al Fresco Salad Recipe


Could not live without them. They are so versatile and satisfying. I like them every way. Perogies, smashed with Pommery Mustard, salt, roasted, steamed with butter and salt, and here’s my dirty little secret, ketchup, yum. I mean come on, french fries!!

Potato chips give me super powers!!

We make a bomb roasted potato salad with a couple of secrets I’m willing to share.  So simple –  we roast red potatoes in salad size pieces, when just done but not too brown, allow to cool slightly, toss with Mayo and a healthy dollop or Pommery mustard. Oh, and a bunch of sliced scallions, too. Do not refrigerate, the starch in the potatoes gets too hard, so prepare this dish before you are ready to eat. It’s warm and different and delicious.

We use Veganaise at the shoppe to keep it vegan!

I recently slow roasted a leg of lamb in celery, onions and white wine, and added these beauties the last half hour. Oh my.

The recipe I’m sharing today is in my cookbook.  Oh, and BTW,  my publisher lauded in the L.A. Times!  I think this recipe came to me by way of Alice Waters, but honestly, I don’t remember.

It was probably her, she’s very clever.

You’re gonna love it. Now, get some cake, call your friends and get together over supper.

You can thank me later.