Two Quick Breakfast Recipes

AAY Nutrition has a program where they give you a menu for the week with a shopping list. Recipes are included,  and you shop at Trader Joe’s. I did it twice. It really helped with portion control and incorporating more vegetables into the daily mix. It was very easy and definitely improved our  eating habits.

As a person who talks about food all the time, I found myself sharing these two recipes all the time.

So I wrote them down! There are many other delicious recipes in the six week program, but these are my two go-to breakfasts, a year later!

I do the pancake in the bullet blender, adding a  splash of vanilla and cinnamon is also nice.

Sometimes I add a splash of rice milk to loosen it up depending on the size of the egg and banana.

For the granola and apple, you might need more milk. It’s important to coat everything for maximum deliciousness.

AAY represents at the Funk Run, too!  They’ve ben warming up the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Community for three years and counting! (sign up here!)

Here’s a picture of  my pancake this morning, with a little coconut whipped cream.

And syrup.  I love syrup.

Time to Stew

Perhaps it’s the time of year, but I’ve had three conversations about beef stew this week. All of them  quality conversations, invoking beef stew cravings.

Shopping for meat can be tricky. Typically, I go to the Jimenez Family Farm stand at the Atwater Farmer’s Market, and ask what’s available.

This is a nice leg of lamb I got from them, that made a beautiful Lamb Perigourdine.

It took all day to roast. I hated the smell of  Sunday’s roast lamb filling the house while I was growing up. But this, had the most wonderful aroma. See? People DO change.


My GM Megan has made the Beef stew from “Who Wants Seconds?” many times.  I asked for her tips and tricks – here they are in no particular order.

She follows the recipe exactly, no variance (wow really?)

She hates picking out the meat and really likes when she finds a pack of cut of stew beef in the grocery store.

She uses the whole bottle of red wine! YAY!  So good!

She advises not to add potatoes if you’re gonna freeze.

She says it turns out perfect every time! (what a great recipe I wrote!)

I’m prone to add some fingerlings the last hour or so for a traditional beef stew, my Johnny loves potatoes.