All-Star Chef’s Classic Extravaganza

In the beginning of March, I had the most fun I’ve had in forever, three nights in a row.  I got to be the guest of  Pauline, my good friend and  Grand Dame of Good Gracious Catering, at The All Star Chef’s Classic, FOR THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW!!  It was fantastic!

Every night, got better and better! We ended with a celebration of women chefs, and Let it be known, we celebrated the women chefs!

Pauline had  VIP tickets, that put us on the floor next to them, and we left BFFs, everyone of us.

There was so much connection, it was off the charts. For starters, we were four chefs ( in cute hats, if you didn’t notice) and they were all, you know, chefs!  Gabrielle Roth grew up down the pike from me in Pennsylvania.  I loved her book Blood, Butter and Bones.  Her restaurant in NYC, PRUNE,  just published a cookbook and it’s juicy. We bonded over dried corn.

Last summer, Shirley Chung was a special guest at a Toyota of Longo event we were catering.  I made her grits and shrimp recipe for the guests.  I was so slammed I couldn’t look up for the entire event. We had a good laugh about our customers.

I fell in love with Nyesha Arrington.  She’s driven and passionate and open and generally a wonderful human being.  It’s true, I was drinking, but she really impressed me, and her food was delicious.

Truly, all the women chefs’ were amazing, fabulous, perfect.  I’m only sharing the highlights, I could go on and on.

Here’s the menu and a shout out to the other two goddess chefs, Michele Bernstein and Nicole Rucker.

A phenomenal night chefs, thank you!

Oh My Ellen!

On this International Women’s Day –  I want to give a huge shout out to my grand mentor and friend, Ellen Daigle. She’s the owner of Ellen’s Silk Screening in South Pasadena, and most likely if you’re a weekend warrior, one of your prize shirts was printed at her shoppe.

We met over thirty years ago in her sister’s garage, while I was catering a holiday party for 500. Ellen walked into the middle of the scramble space staging kitchen like she owned the place, full of smiles and compliments.  She told me right then, we were going to be great friends. She was right!

She loves everything that’s happening in South L.A. with RootDownLA and comes to all my community events. She really makes me feel good about all my side hustles building community.  She got me to lead a series of cooking classes at the South Pasadena Senior Center for these amazing teens.

We went back the next year and made a vegan Thanksgiving Celebration for all the Seniors!

She also keeps me in the political loop. I’ve been attending Vital Voices Luncheons for a few years now with amazing guests and delicious popovers and key lime pie at the Pasadena Women’s City Club. Love me some Judy Chu!! 

She’s a true community activist. She knows everybody, and everybody knows her. And she’s bossy.  So when she tells me to do something, I do it!

She hosts amazing events herself with key celebrity congress people and local leaders.  (Insert pic of Adam Schiff here) And of course, I cater!

A couple of years ago, I was getting ready to leave on my first full month holiday at the beach.  I was having some staff issues and we met for lunch.  Her advice was clear and concise. This is what she said…

” I think you should get off your high horse and take care of business.”

Thanks Ellen, I needed that. And the world needs you. Thank you for being an amazing woman with  a heart so full of love, you can’t help but share.

You are my international woman hero.