Fundraising Dinner at the Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden 7.21.18


Come and have dinner with us, in the

Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden in Pasadena.

July 21st, 2018

Starting at 5:30 in the early evening with appetizers and a little tipple, followed by a delicious summer supper al fresco.

There’s going to be a silent auction. That’s always fun!

Here’s a starter menu…I’m keeping it vague to incorporate the Farmer’s Markets¬†finds. It’s important to keep an open mind and menu! It will be bountiful for vegans and omnivores!

The grounds will be open for exploration!

It’s going to be a delightful night! Won’t you join us?

Click here to register on-line. 



Tip of the Season – Stringer Lights.

What’s that one magical must-have thing for your party?

Stringer lights.  Immediate atmosphere and excellent lighting.

Look at this elegant setting in Silverlake. You’d never know we’re serving pie and ice cream! ( really good pies BTW)

What do we have here? A driveway? Who knew! Stringer lights and a full drape on those hi-tops really glam up this outdoor corner.

They look fantastic inside of old barns!

This wedding site was atop a bluff in Malibu. Anya really captured the moment, glowing with stringers.

A sideways twinkle light can also be very pretty.

And they even work in the late afternoon to add a little something poolside.

my beloved Costco has a great deal on stringers. Treat yourself to a couple of boxes. You won’t be disappointed!