Personalized Cuisine Week Six for pick-up Tuesday 4/28 & Friday 5/1

Here are menus for next week.

Welcome May!

For Tuesday  pick up – order by 8 AM Monday morning, 4.27.2020

For Friday pick-up – order by 8 AM Thursday morning, 4.30.2020

E-mail us with any questions, even the teeniest tiniest ones.

And here is how we do – keeping it clean and no contact!

Production Catering The new way.

Thinking ahead, longing to lunch.

So, when we come back, the silverware will be in tidy, sealed plastic packages; for each person.  No more cowboy cutlery and blue plates. I imagine the chafers are also a thing of the past, for the next few months, at least.


We are coming back, we will cater again! It’s just going to be different.

I can’t imagine a production without a crew,  and a crew has got to eat!

I have a menu ready for when the time comes.

Individually packaged. Lots of waste but also, safe.

This is just the first go-round of the menu, and honestly production people, I miss you!

I’d love to hear your ideas and opinions of the new way that awaits us.

What are the new standard operation procedures? Let’s talk about it.

Weddings will keep happening, but maybe smaller?  I can’t imagine.

What about  fundraisers and such?

I miss business as usual. It will be a new usual. Nonetheless, we are ready!

We will gather again.