Fire happens.

I have friends in the hills.

I was on  the freeway when I took this picture headed toward Shelley’s.

210 North

210 North

I tried to drop by her house to see if she needed help, but the streets were already closed.

La Canada

La Canada

They were evacuated and  their house was untouched, thankfully. God Bless the Firefighters. After the fire during  a bike ride 2 weeks ago, these pictures were taken by Steve Elkins.  surrealscorchedmeadowUpper Arroyo Trail


I like to remember that fire occurs naturally.  It still makes me sad to see our hills on fire.

Food and Water Watch Kick-off Meeting Sustainable Seas

fairfish I’m spreading the word for my buddy Miller…

Family fishermen continue to be forced out of business because of increasingly private control of our fisheries under a ‘catch share’ management scheme. This threatens our ocean ecosystems and limits our access to sustainable, high quality seafood.

Just this week, the Gloucester Times published this piece calling the catch shares programs “a falsified regulatory scheme that merely represents our own government’s latest attempt to shove [fishermen] right out of business,” but this is more than just a problem for fishermen.  Catchshares destroy our oceans ecosystems and the quality of our food by favoring unsustainable corporate fishing operations.

This fall we can change the way we manage our fisheries and ensure fair access for family fishermen, protect our oceans, and ensure consumer access to sustainably-caught , high quality fish.  But, to do that, we need to make our voices heard this fall.  Come learn how you can help.  Sign the petition here.

Will you come to our Kick-Off Meeting?
Wednesday, September 30th
First United Methodist Church
Corner of 11th and Washington St.(Two blocks N. of Wilshire Bl.), Santa Monica
Room 207

We’ll bring like-minded folks together and plan exciting events from a National Fair Fish Day of Action, film screenings, letter to the editor parties, media events, and more. This is THE event to attend to meet others who care about this issue and to find out how you can make a difference.  Please RSVP.

Mark your calendars, and spread the word!

Thanks for your support,

Miller Nuttle
Field Organizer
Food and Water Watch
Fair Fish Campaign

To learn more about the campaign and about how you can help, please contact Miller by calling 607-592-9500 or emailing miller ( @) greencorps (.) org