Thanksgiving Pick-up Menu

Every year I say I’m not going to offer take away for the holiday. I’m going to close and take a pre-holiday family day. But then a client calls and I can’t say no cause they really need my help, and I make a menu for pick up!

Here it is!

Pick up before 11 am, The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, November 25th.

Food goes out cold, with re-heating instructions.

Entire menu (with the exception of the bacon) may be vegan.

And I’m adding a pecan crust to those sweet potatoes.

Place orders by Monday, November 23rd – 10a, but earlier would be nice for us.


Oh, and of course our other menu items are available.

While I’m on the subject, here’s a few selections from our holiday offerings. Let’s talk about your party shall we?  Give us a call! Drop us a line. We’re ready for you!

Check out our other menus for more ideas.