Le Menu for Sunday Supper at the Wiltern

Yesterday, I ran about town getting the produce for The Big Wiltern Supper tomorrow. ( Thank you Whole Foods and Farm Fresh to You) My first stop was Jefferson High, to meet Jonny for the RDLA garden contribution. WOW! It was going OFF!!  This is his  heritage red corn, “it grows taller than the others” he told me; um, YEAH!!  And check out the tomato trellis below the menu.  My favorite repurposed folding chair, ever. Scroll down for the final menu – it’s going to be luscious!

Le Plant Based Menu

There are many nuts!  Please visit the kitchen if you have an allergy and consult with the chef (that’s me)

First Course

Summer Greens with Radishes and Pepitas in Viniagrette

Rolls and Nectarines with Tapenade, Zucchini Butter and Betta Chedda

Sliced Heirloom Tomatoes with Fettata and Olive Oil and Basil

Roasted Potato Salad with Green Onions

Second Course 

Artichoke Heart Paella with Chi Chi Peas and Pistachios (and Pom Pips from my food forest) and Wilted Greens

Old Fashioned Pickled Cabbage

Grilled Vegetables with Balsamic Redux

Minted Melones and Sorrel

Dessert Course

Lemon  Coconut Cookies, Double Fudge Brownies and Masumoto Nectarine Crisp and Crema

See you there!

Old Fashioned Vegan Macaroons with Bean H20; No kidding

If you’re food obsessed like I am, and believe a plant based diet will save the world; when something innovative comes along that seems ridiculous, it’s a “must do” situation. For example: egg white substitute from bean water.  I heard, I snarked, I dismissed. And man oh man, was I WRONG!  It works!  At work, we make our beans from dried, and to be honest, I’ve never thought about saving the water at the right time. Last week at home, I added a can of beans to my lunch,  I poured the bean water into a glass, and set it in the fridge uncovered, (lazy)  and took it to work 3 days later. (So maybe it thickened a bit is all I’m trying to say.) I dumped it into the Kitchen-aid and it happened. Pure vegan magic. Whipped up like a charm.

I didn’t think it was possible at this point, to actually hold things together, so I added some ground flax to help the hold. But I’m not sure it was necessary. I tossed in some sweetened coconut and  crushed some almonds with my hand and made a batter. I didn’t measure and  that’s okay. I added a little homemade vanilla and almond extract. I used an ungreased cookie sheet because oil and egg whites is a mismatch, but  that was a huge mistake.  The first batch was not moveable from the tray. But it worked!

The oven temperature was around 325 – 350, due to other stuff happening in there, but next time, I’ll use a designated oven at 300 to get the crunch on. Even with all these  unknowns and experimentations, they were really awesome. Craving one right now.

Here’s an actually recipe for the vegan fluff – in an old fashioned Floating Islands Dessert, vegan style.