Sustainable Salmon fit for the QUEEN!!

Perhaps, we weren’t all a twitter with the rest of world about the wedding. You know the one. (Where do they get those hats anyway?)

BUT…  I do know where they get their royal SALMON!!  The same place I do!

Loch Duart Sustainably Raised Salmon was the main course last Friday at the royal reception, and  we got that confirmed through our friends at Clean Fish. For all you Angelenos, you can get it at any earth conscious fish monger – I’m particularly fond of my friends at Fish King in Glendale.

Pip Pip, cheerio and good luck newlyweds. Keep eating well!

Big Pharma is Screwing with the Salmon

When will it end?  We need to protect our seafood (and maybe eat a little less, right?)  Genetically engineered salmon will soon be your if we don’t take action.

Please sign the petition and post on  your social accounts.   I wonder if our first lady knows about this?

Here’s the link to  the petition here to stop GE (genetically engineered) salmon. If you don’t who will?  Doesn’t it scare you just a little?  Keep it WILD people!

Love the ocean

love the ocean