There’s an Elephant in the Room

Last week, I was part of a panel on sustainability for commercial production. Despite the fact that  water bottles make us  all tyrannical, we’re a calm, dedicated and driven group for change. The gals from EcoSet are making huge waves of change doing a few simple things we’ve heard before,  REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE. That lovely lady next to me (I’m the dork with the re-purposed beverage hang tag as a name tag)  could possibly be my new BFF, Eva Scott from Craft ECO –  we run on the same juice – the “save the world and feed them well” elixir many food maniacs drink daily. There were other amazing members of Mother Earth’s Transition Team, and we all fight the same fight, trying to do enough, do more, keep doing.

IMG_4498We had a great turnout, especially for a rainy night. Sustainability is hip cool, current and attainable. It takes time and all different systems working together.

But what about the fact that the corporations we’re working against, are often the companies that ultimately are responsible for our paycheck?  How are we going to get water bottles out of the daily grind when we’re working with a cola company that produces the hideous bottles of filtered tap water?  Tricky stuff.

True confession. We have a company we love that does print ads for umm… CIGARETTES. The budget is the best, it’s a sustainable set, and yet, ciggies, ugh. Life is a delicate balance, isn’t it?

We’re all dedicated to the fight for a sustainable future, but dang, where is easy street??

 Buy the book at Indie Bound, read reviews on Amazon. 

I ♥ the Hollywood Farmer’s Market

Forget Friday night clubbin’, Sunday mornings are where it’s at on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Ivar. With almost 100 farmers, live music and dozens of  food vendors, there is no better way to end the weekend.  I take great pleasure in lugging hundreds of pounds of fresh fruits and veggies from the market stalls to the stacked parking lot, even at 8 in the morning.

The stone fruit is by far the hottest items at the market this time of year.

We love Arnett’s Farm from Fresno. They feature the most delicious plums, cherries and apricot varieties.

McGrath Farms is also a Jennie Cooks favorite. The veggies are beautiful and taste great in our grilled market plates and personalized cuisine entrees.

Both Farms have been in the area for over 100 years, so we know they must be doing something right. Of course you must also stroll by Soledad Farms to try some of their delicious cheese and to pet their cute little baby goats!

– Miranda