L & N Wedding Tomorrow!! (that’s my girl!!)

We are here! The Wedding is Saturday!

In smoky Mendocino County with the winds blowing their way to a clear sky for wedding day.

The family has gathered and the friends are on best behavior, with one helping hand and a beer in the other.

It’s hot here!

The barn is looking good.

The flea infestation has been squashed (hopefully)  the vintage cloths are de-wrinkling and the poison oak has been roped off and quarantined.

The couple is feeling good. Ready not ready? Who’s to say?

They are still in love!

I’ve gathered all my sparkliest adornments and may or may not wear my handmade pink linen suit jacket. Like I said. HAWT!

Johnny had to pick up the rentals in Ukiah, an hour away and had to make two trips because the truck wasn’t big enough.

That’s him before the second load.

He had a bit of an adventure when he lost that load of chairs on the freeway. He said white splinters of chairs were everywhere. That’s my Johnny! Playing chicken, rescuing chairs on the  101 for his daughter’s wedding.

Some nice firemen blocked off the freeway for him so he could recover what he could.

They’re very neighborly up here.

Additional signage has been posted – not the easiest place to find…

The party favors have been pounded…

The t-shirts have been printed. My friend Ellen at Ellen’s Silkscreening always does a phenomenal job.

We are ready!

Kind of, sort of.

We have a rehearsal dinner tonight for 160 or so, and the wedding has 180 guests.


Did I tell you, Irene ( Natalie’s Mom) is growing all the food?

 Kind of Amazing.

My only hope?

That all my guests share in this lovely weekend with full hearts, generous spirits and  an adventurous attitude.

I know they will. They are all my tribe.

Let’s do this!!

As a reminder, here’s the OG pic of the barn.

Wait till you see it tomorrow…

Erin & Rikki Tie the Knot!

We had the first wedding from our “chosen family” a couple of weeks ago.

It was fan flipping’ tastic!

It was HUGE wedding; three hundred friends and family
at an estate in Altadena.

Look over there, on the little porch.

Their friends from Sequoyah School put a band together for the ceremony. Pure epic-ness, especially when your friends are amazing musicians.

That’s Phoebe Bridgers in the red dress.


It takes a village to manage an event for so many, but this wedding
felt so intimate, you’d never know. So many folks were involved. Lots of planning and preparations, before, during and after.

They were married by their cousin. It was the sweetest! It’s a nice big Catholic family.  The cousins’ picture needed a wide angle lens. No matter where you looked, there was a cousin!!

They were very handy when it came time to make the chair move…

These were three of the bridesmaids.

Peggy Hill had an exceptional day (that’s the dog).

I went a wee bit over budget on my candy bar, so I considered it part of my wedding present.

It was the hit of the night, if I do say so myself.

We had some uninvited guests.

A couple of bobcats and three bears.

Obviously…they were looking for porridge.

The bobcats fled, but the bears just kept hanging around, watching the kitchen. (Chef took this photo!)

I love this picture of Colleen and me.

I was so happy for her that day, it was so much fun to watch a friend be the Mother-of-the-Bride! Both of us in dresses by Camille!!

I’m next this August!

I lurve this picture of the brides.

I only wish Peggy Hill’s face was in the frame.
(photo by @erickapedia)

For the table numbers, they used pictures of them at the same age as the table number. So very clever.


I think this is my favorite shot.

 All the tables are empty, because EVERY GUEST is on the dance floor.

Truly the perfect wedding!