Celebrating Thirty Nine Years of Partnership & Dishwashing

Remember them? Thirty-nine years ago, on my parents impeccably tailored lawn on the formal fountain patio, I had something very important to say the night before our wedding. Remember?

I Do.

Thanks for always doing fun things with me.

Thanks for loving the ocean like I do, and retreating with me every year to the edge.

The beach. The water.

I’m out of gift ideas, but then something happened and I knew the perfect gesture from me to you, for our thirty-ninth year.

You know that quirky dishwasher-loading cutlery separation thing you do?

You know, forks with forks, knives with knives etc.?

Happy anniversary hunny, I’ll start doing it, too.

I know my disregard for this habit  has been a great source of discontent for you.

I know I have mocked and taunted you about this controlling, obsessive behavior.

I can’t say I’m sorry, I still think it’s weird that you do it, but now, I’ll do it with you.

Two weirdos together, separating the silverware.

Cheers to thirty-nine more.

Setting a Pretty Wedding Table for LNW

LNW  aka “Lindsay & Natalie’s Wedding

Part TWO:  Table Settings

Always one of my favorite parts of every party, is watching the table come together. It was especially fun at Lindsay and Natalie’s wedding, because I used all my personal collections, of which I have many.

Let’s start with the salt and pepper shakers. I had nineteen sets ready to go, and then the guest count went up. I needed twenty three. The day I left for the celebration, Tara, one of my super hospitality professionals, brought me a prize. Four salt and pepper sets. She saw them and knew I should have them. She was right! Kismet!

I used a family treasure on the couple’s table. It’s a bridesmaid quilt made by one of my great relatives. I nabbed it from my mom years ago and used it on my Easter table. It was perfect for their table for two. There’s also some gold filigree glasses from Johnny’s great grandmother on their table.

They collected napkins for months. The White Elephant Sale in Oakland gave them almost all of their collection. They were tied with garden herbs and butcher twine.

This is a wedding ring quilt I found at the Huntington Collection, one fine day.

Lindsay and Natalie collected tablecloths, too. It was fun to see some retired cloths I sent home with Lindsay in years past.

Of course, Lindsay wanted the shabby chic mixed vintage china. I had another client that same day in Los Angeles who wanted it too, so I managed to do a good bit of shopping and can now serve over 400 people on mixed vintage china.

This basket quilt made a beautiful palette.

The couple collected carafes for water service, and I used all my pounded aluminum cake plates for  the breads.

Every table was a little different, all set with love.

You can see one of my cake plates, repurposed into a breadbasket at this table. I have many more. This one is particularly large.

The barn was wearing beautiful!

I’ve decided every LNW wedding blog must have a picture of the newlyweds.

It doesn’t have to pertain to the post, but it needs to be a good picture.

Check it.

Next up… FOOD. Rehearsal dinner for 150, wedding for 180, and all the while, the Mother of the Broom.  I’ll tell you about my little breakdown.