4th of July Fun – Sangria Recipe

4th of July is my favorite holiday, after Thanksgiving. While I do love America, i love the fireworks, sun and BBQs even more. Let’s be real, summer BBQ food is what really keeps The 4th of July in the top two favorite days to eat all year. I like to make themed dishes like Freedom Fries (over done, i know, but mine were sweet potato, which makes it a bit better), Patriot Act Pies, Recession Rings, Barack Bacon Burgers, you get the idea…In commemoration of this great country, the food is usually fried and abundant.

This year, in solidarity with my friends down there, and the veggie trend that is sweeping the nation, I will be doing a farmers-market-fresh vegan dish, called the Donald Trump Dillies, which are my personal brand of dill pickles. Deep fried of course.  It is America’s birthday after-all.

Took this picture in front of the sausage bar on Traction, great right?

And to drink? We’ll be having my favorite, Save-the-Unions Sangria, which includes a few shots of brandy, a bottle of a red table wine (classy or not), a little less than a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice and some of these:

Have a great holiday! And please, let us know, what will you be eating?

– Miranda

Public Declaration of Love on Father’s Day

That’s my hubs on the surfboard below, and this post is his gift today.

Isn’t he cute?  he’s 56 and  as handsome as he ever has been.

We’ve been married since 1979.

I don’t mean to sound like a know it all, but I pretty much know everything about him.

And so do his kids.

Hayden James wrote his college essay about my Johnny,  about the person in his life he most admired. This is what he said about his Pa:

“One aspect of my father’s personality that I try to mimic is his treatment of others. He treats everyone the same way, whether he’s talking to the nine-year-old kid he coaches in lacrosse or his boss at work.  There’s no condescending tone and he talks to you as an equal, no matter who you are.”

Nice, huh?  He really is a genuine good guy dad with a heart full of love. Allison likes to say that we won the family lottery.  We like to hang out together, go figure!

On his birthday this past year he got the “I love you dad” letter from sweet LBC. (It was a little about me too,  but that’s not the point today) I made him forward it to me and I read it over and over.

It made me feel so good  – I read it aloud  to him a couple of times too.

Here’s my favorite part:

“But I’m not scared of love, and I have the two of you to thank for that. I know that it’s hard, and it takes a mountain of patience, a forrest of compromise, and a few oceans of good communication, but you’ve taught me that it’s possible. And while it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, if you put in the time and the effort and if you really do love someone and they’re ready to love you back, amazing things can happen. That is by far the most important thing that you have ever taught me, and the beauty of it is that you didn’t teach it to me, you showed it to me through your love for each other and your love for all of us, and for that I am forever grateful. “

Blessings on the best dad  of all time,  I love you forever John Cook.