Intrepid Allison

Brag alert –  I’m one proud mama. As I  write this, that little book loving bunny is in Iceland.

She just sailed with 13 other folks from Bermuda to Iceland.  Yes, Bermuda to Iceland in a  78 foot sailboat studying plastic. She’s always been an adventure seeker. And a snappy dresser.
When she was 10, I put her on a plane to Israel to see her good friend Maya. She insisted she would be fine and I believed her. It all worked out.
She was born an ocean lover.
And a sand lover.

In her college years, she went to France with a back pack, ran into her third grade teacher and then she took the wrong bus far, far out of town on her way to the Hostel, that was IN town.

During that summer holiday, she built a wall (see below) in Provence and then went to Spain to work in an HIV clinic to finish up her European excursion.
She’s been to Scotland with The story of Stuff, where she gloriously put her “hands up!” for her mama.
The 5 gyres team is doing amazing work and this expedition has changed her in unimaginable ways, no doubt. I got a brief e-mail  when she docked –  there was no communication for three weeks other than the 5 Gyres blog. That’s her driving the boat. Yup, uh huh, that’s my baby.

This is what she had to say…

“Just got into Reykjavik this morning. It’s been an absolutely amazing adventure and being back on land (although phenomenal) is also surprisingly bittersweet.”

Can you say “WOW”?


LIFE Circa 1953 (or why I like old magazines)

I woke up this morning feeling just like this.

So I thought I’d take the greyhound to the beach.

and hang out with my Ken doll.

I might like a funny smoke.

or a trip to  the Dairy Queen.

I can’t do that on the bus, so I think I’ll get a sparkly car.