Root Down LA Party – this Saturday at the Shoppe

Party at the Shoppe
April 18th at 7 PM
 If you love food, love me, love talking to me about food, or want to play a part in the future of food in America, 
COME TO THE PARTY! And bring your foodie friends, fellow eaters and concerned citizens.
Spread the word ~

     RootDown LA asks – What will you bring to the table?   Join us for an evening of great food and shared ideas!  RootDown LA is on a mission to help tackle the obesity crisis in South LA. We’re engaging youth at Manual Arts High School to build a ground-up, demand-focused model for creating healthier school food communities.  With youth-driven healthy food messaging, wacky cooking activities, non-traditional nutrition lessons and trips to McGrath Family Farms, we get kids to get kids to eat their veggies.
RSVP by email or phone: 310.422.9226
 ( or call me @ 323.982.0052)
I’ll be cooking up a storm so we can share a great meal and our ideas.  Let’s rock this thang.


To donate to RootDown LA visit

RootDown LA is a project of Community Partners, a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Dogs like caramel.

I know this may be distasteful to some, but how cute is my dog’s nose here? I wanted a picture of  the consistancy of my luscious homemade caramel.  It was a little tricky pouring and clicking and shooing the Maizee girl all at the same time… She never licked, I swear. Perhaps she was drawn to the  delicious color?

caramel dog

caramel dog