The Wedding Barn in All It’s Glory

LNW  aka “Lindsay & Natalie’s Wedding

Part ONE:  The Perfect Wedding Barn

Let’s talk about the wedding barn for a quick minute.
Remember the before picture?

This is it, short of all the Camp Winnarainbow equipment that is housed in the barn during off-season.

This is the picture Lindsay sent me, so excited, because it looked SO GOOD!!

This is how it looked on Wedding Day.

And this is how it looked during the reception, filled with love.

There was a bit of a flea infestation when the clean sand was brought in to even out the floor. Fortunately, the fleas were abolished and the only critter present (that we know of) was a potato bug crawling up
my friend Scott’s pant leg.

That’s Ok. He got over it.

They found that big rainbow while cleaning out the barn and used it at the bar.

The couple wanted drinks to be ready available, so it was a combination self-serve and tended situation. Had Lindsay not been my daughter, I would have rallied really hard for a fully tended bar. But it worked out!

Most of the guests were camping next to the barn, so over-consumption
was not a huge concern.

The barn, the ceremony, the reception; every part of the day was filled with Mendocino Magic. The fires, less than a hundred miles away were clouding the skies with heavy smoke. On wedding day, the sky cleared, all the while, the fires continue to rage, on the other side of our blue sky.

I’ll do a few more installments about this amazing celebration,
I have so much to report!

It truly was a perfect wedding for so many reasons. But for now, let’s just bask in  the glory of this old barn, brought back to life, because a ten-year-old girl said to her mom over twenty years ago, ” I want to get married in this barn”.

And so it was.

Next up… table settings.

L & N Wedding Tomorrow!! (that’s my girl!!)

We are here! The Wedding is Saturday!

In smoky Mendocino County with the winds blowing their way to a clear sky for wedding day.

The family has gathered and the friends are on best behavior, with one helping hand and a beer in the other.

It’s hot here!

The barn is looking good.

The flea infestation has been squashed (hopefully)  the vintage cloths are de-wrinkling and the poison oak has been roped off and quarantined.

The couple is feeling good. Ready not ready? Who’s to say?

They are still in love!

I’ve gathered all my sparkliest adornments and may or may not wear my handmade pink linen suit jacket. Like I said. HAWT!

Johnny had to pick up the rentals in Ukiah, an hour away and had to make two trips because the truck wasn’t big enough.

That’s him before the second load.

He had a bit of an adventure when he lost that load of chairs on the freeway. He said white splinters of chairs were everywhere. That’s my Johnny! Playing chicken, rescuing chairs on the  101 for his daughter’s wedding.

Some nice firemen blocked off the freeway for him so he could recover what he could.

They’re very neighborly up here.

Additional signage has been posted – not the easiest place to find…

The party favors have been pounded…

The t-shirts have been printed. My friend Ellen at Ellen’s Silkscreening always does a phenomenal job.

We are ready!

Kind of, sort of.

We have a rehearsal dinner tonight for 160 or so, and the wedding has 180 guests.


Did I tell you, Irene ( Natalie’s Mom) is growing all the food?

 Kind of Amazing.

My only hope?

That all my guests share in this lovely weekend with full hearts, generous spirits and  an adventurous attitude.

I know they will. They are all my tribe.

Let’s do this!!

As a reminder, here’s the OG pic of the barn.

Wait till you see it tomorrow…