L & N Wedding Tomorrow!! (that’s my girl!!)

We are here! The Wedding is Saturday!

In smoky Mendocino County with the winds blowing their way to a clear sky for wedding day.

The family has gathered and the friends are on best behavior, with one helping hand and a beer in the other.

It’s hot here!

The barn is looking good.

The flea infestation has been squashed (hopefully)  the vintage cloths are de-wrinkling and the poison oak has been roped off and quarantined.

The couple is feeling good. Ready not ready? Who’s to say?

They are still in love!

I’ve gathered all my sparkliest adornments and may or may not wear my handmade pink linen suit jacket. Like I said. HAWT!

Johnny had to pick up the rentals in Ukiah, an hour away and had to make two trips because the truck wasn’t big enough.

That’s him before the second load.

He had a bit of an adventure when he lost that load of chairs on the freeway. He said white splinters of chairs were everywhere. That’s my Johnny! Playing chicken, rescuing chairs on the  101 for his daughter’s wedding.

Some nice firemen blocked off the freeway for him so he could recover what he could.

They’re very neighborly up here.

Additional signage has been posted – not the easiest place to find…

The party favors have been pounded…

The t-shirts have been printed. My friend Ellen at Ellen’s Silkscreening always does a phenomenal job.

We are ready!

Kind of, sort of.

We have a rehearsal dinner tonight for 160 or so, and the wedding has 180 guests.


Did I tell you, Irene ( Natalie’s Mom) is growing all the food?

 Kind of Amazing.

My only hope?

That all my guests share in this lovely weekend with full hearts, generous spirits and  an adventurous attitude.

I know they will. They are all my tribe.

Let’s do this!!

As a reminder, here’s the OG pic of the barn.

Wait till you see it tomorrow…

Sustainability VS. Vanity

If you know me, you know I love my TV, especially BRAVO. It’s not uncommon for me to fall asleep watching those bravo-lebrity housewives. I watch almost all of them, Beverly Hills and NYC being my favorites.

When I wake up and turn on my TV at 5 A.M. the next morning, I am greeted with info-mercials.

 Jane Seymour the Medicine Woman, and Melissa Gilbert from the prairie, are trustworthy women from my youth, and they positively love this product!

  Women are crying over their beautiful, revived and once again youthful old-lady skin.

They’re testifying.  This product has changed their life.

I believe ALL of them.

I’m talking about Crepe Erase.

I signed up. I started the program. I found a micro-bead in my eyelashes.

I had a mini crisis.  I can’t use a product with micro-beads!

Micro-beads are killing our water system!


…but…what if it REALLY works??

I planned to call the company, and find out for sure. All the while, I was really concerned that I might have to give up the product that makes my skin beautiful, to comply with my earth-first standards.

I started crazy thinking. I could change the bottles so no one would know. I would tell no one.  I mean seriously, had I lost my mind?


I’m here to tell you, there are no plastic micro-beds in Crepe Erase.  They use rice bran. It says so on the little product sheet that came with the order.

A good surprise. I had another surprise.

Turns out, they banned plastic micro-beads. For all time.

All that worrying for nothing.

I’ve had two compliments on my skin since I started. I think that’s a win.

I plan on using it for a year.

When I’ll look like this.

My girlfriend Gwen is going to use the Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty line for a year too, and we’re going to compare. Unfortunately, they don’t have a full body treatment.  Fortunately, I have it from a reliable source that the Goldbond old lady cream  has all the good stuff in it. The key is to exfoliate everyday to make sure the serum gets in.

So she’s going to try that, instead of the Crepe Erase.

We’ll let you know how it goes.