Spread Love & Valentine’s


It happens every year.

I make so very many cards for my friends and family, and I always wish I made more. Sad face.

I get out all my glitters, stickers, markers, mismatched envelopes and errant note cards that need embellishment.

I feel a little crazy at times (I’m obsessed with glitter) Valentine’s Day is very close to the Christmas holidays. I just barely get my snow and sparkles boxed up, and then, I gotta get going with the glue and glitter. I get really excited about the glitter part.

The other great thing, I mail them! Remember mail?  There’s nothing like a homemade card delivered by the postman, with glitter!!

My envelopes are bumpy from all the shiny things I attach, and I decorate them too, the post office hates that. They never arrive in time, and I send them all anonymously. In the end, I never know if they arrive, except for my kids, they always let me know… “I got your card Ma, so much glitter.” Pish. Never too much.  Sadly, they are actually going to ban glitter, like microbeads, it’s polluting the environment.

Rest assured I will stock up. Martha would want that. She makes lovely glitter.

I especially love and covet German Glass Glitter. Oo la la.

Despite the fact that it’s a made-up holiday, blah blah blah, I’ll jump on any opportunity to spread love, don’t try and stop me.

I don’t ever want to be this guy; the guy that locks up his trash, and banishes poo.

I’d give him a Valentine, but he locks his mailbox, too. (Sad face, again)

So I’ll be over here, making marmalade, gluing glitter to stickers and having fun at the Silverlake Conservatory of Music!

We just hosted our scholarship brunch for families and students last weekend. Over fifty percent of our kids are on scholarship and we’re looking to up that number.

These two are the brains behind the organization.

Flea is forever flitting in and out, taking pictures with students (and their parents) and Jenny Rey runs the joint.

I am so joyous for any occasion I get to spend time with these folks, spreading love and music!

We got into the Mardi Gras vibe at Brunch, with the High Steppers.

That’s my girl, Pinky on the trumpet, she rocked it!  All ages are welcome!

There was a nine-year-old clarinet player in the band!!

Oh, do you want to get into the mix?  I can help with that.

The High Steppers have an appearance on Fat Tuesday, of course.

I’ll bring the fasnaughts!  (That’s Pennsylvania Dutch for Beignets.)

You should come!

And there’s another opportunity next month.

We have our annual Funk Run in Griffith Park on March 29th. It’s a quick 5K.

Race start time is a reasonable 9 AM. It’s a great way to start your day and support music education.

So let me know if you need any marmalade, or drop by and I’ll slip you a jar.

It’s filled with love and L.A. sunshine, and it’s yours for the asking.

Share food, spread love!

Fabulous pictures at the conservatory taken by Gary Leonard.

He never misses an event and gets the best snaps.

We are forever grateful for your dedication, Gary!