Broken Bread with Roy Choi 5.15.19

Ladies and gentlemen!

A round of applause for local native Roy Choi and his new KCET special on food justice in Los Angeles, Broken Bread.

I was lucky enough to attend the kick off party at The Wiltern last weekend.

The show is great, it inspires and it’s a call to action.

Roy has always been an excellent food advocate for a just and equal food system.

Here he is hanging with his team at the Mystery Lunch Box challenge.

He was one of my Chef coaches!  The kids didn’t know who he was back then in 2010, but they loved him up, made beautiful food and grew some pride.

The show starts tomorrow night on KCET.

It’s common practice for me to hang with the celebs, this being Hollywood and all.

Here’s my friend Jamie Oliver in a tomato suit.

Good times!

And while she’s no food advocate, she certainly is one of my sheroes!

MADONNA!  Does she look a little waxy?

Please give the show a look and learn.

We have a long way to go to heal this broken food system, and education is the first step.

Get involved!

Mayor of McCollum Street

I was recently appointed the Mayor of McCollum Street by my neighbor Erik. I wasn’t sure why I received this great honor. I got a little introspective.

My first thought was the Little Free Library. It’s very popular.

These boys posed for me.

So cute. But Jeez, look at those messy books. It’s my job to keep it neat.

Oh, by the way, somebody stole those chairs.

Maybe It’s my grapes. We had a good crop a year ago and I shared them. I was popular that day. I gave away a lot of lemons, too.

Maybe it’s the happy hour? We’ve been hosting a monthly cocktail party on the block for the past two years. It was making John a little grumpy, so I discontinued it this year. Not only does my Johnny miss it, so do the neighbors. They want it back.

Hmmm, if I’m the mayor, it’s a tax deduction, right?

Maybe it’s my other fabulous parties, the preservations, the pies, the chocolates, the Nibbles & Sips.

Wow, I impress myself!

Looks like I do my mayoral duties on McCollum Street with great fervor!

There’s one more thing I started, and I think it’s why I won the unofficial title.

One of our neighbor families is having a time with cancer and she asked if I could do meal deliveries. I said no, I don’t do that.

Then I put together the friendliest, biggest hearted people on the block and we cook for this family every three weeks.

They are so grateful, and we feel good, too. It feels so helpful to deliver them homemade meals, made lovingly on the block.

 It only takes a couple of hours. We drink some wine and have a little supper ourselves.

We have a graphic designer in our cooking crew.

So, I decided I’m gonna own it.

 Feel free to call me mayor when you see me on McCollum Street.

 Life is limitless.