Ladies and gentlemen!

A round of applause for local native Roy Choi and his new KCET special on food justice in Los Angeles, Broken Bread.

I was lucky enough to attend the kick off party at The Wiltern last weekend.

The show is great, it inspires and it’s a call to action.

Roy has always been an excellent food advocate for a just and equal food system.

Here he is hanging with his team at the Mystery Lunch Box challenge.

He was one of my Chef coaches!  The kids didn’t know who he was back then in 2010, but they loved him up, made beautiful food and grew some pride.

The show starts tomorrow night on KCET.

It’s common practice for me to hang with the celebs, this being Hollywood and all.

Here’s my friend Jamie Oliver in a tomato suit.

Good times!

And while she’s no food advocate, she certainly is one of my sheroes!

MADONNA!  Does she look a little waxy?

Please give the show a look and learn.

We have a long way to go to heal this broken food system, and education is the first step.

Get involved!