Merry Christmas, Everyone

I promised at least two more wedding blogs before the end of the year. My Q4 was very distracting, full of big surprises and changes for the
Bucks County Corporation.

All the while,  I just wanted to write about the wedding and
these two knuckleheads!

I mean Newlyweds!!

Allison and Hayden were asked to give blessings at the ceremony.

I give you Allison’s blessing today.

As a side note, she’s a hella dancer, as is her sister.

They got the moves.

Have I mentioned how proud I am of my kids?

O yeah, only one thousand times.

 Allison’s Blessing for Natalie and Lindsay’s Wedding Day

“For those of you who don’t know us, we are a family that takes
Christmas very seriously.

My father serves as choir director for a rowdy crew of sixty or so Christmas Eve carolers  – many of whom you find seated beside you – my mother decks out the house and just this year spent many afternoons creating tiny, glittered houses for her seasonal display of miniatures, we eat too much sticky toffee pudding, and wrap all of our presents in pillowcases.

So it is one of the many magical serendipities of their love story that Lindsay would fall hard for Natalie Rose, a woman born on Christmas Day.

At the first Christmas that Natalie Rose spent with our family, Natalie borrowed from the Fleetwood Mac anthem of their romance and made my sister a
perfect piece of embroidery that reads:

You Make Loving Fun.

Lindsay -You make everything fun.

You are yours before you are ever anyone else’s.

You love courageously and approach life with panache and a
deep and honest attention.

And it is possible that there is no truer thing that I could say up here today.
About my sister. About Natalie.

About how they love each other…You make loving fun.

Lindsay and Natalie Rose – You make loving fun.

You also make loving more epic. More generous. More serious.

More ridiculous.

It is filled with rainbows and rust.

Occasional calamities, tooth crushing, and frequent moments of grace.

I’m moved that neither one of you is being “given away”.

That Lindsay asked me and Hayden to stand here and give some sort of blessing that welcomed Natalie into the family, and celebrated the start of a more expanded definition and experience of our family.

It is a testament to how you love each other, but also how you love your family, your friends, this land.

That there is never less, but always more.

And so, my blessing for you is that you feel something akin to the words
of Raymond Carver:

And did you get what you wanted from this life, even so?

I did.

And what did you want?

To call myself beloved, to feel myself.

Beloved on the earth.

Lindsay Cook. Natalie Rose Cook.

You are beloved oh-so-beloved on this earth.

Today and yesterday and all the days. “

A snap of the talented author, taking a break amongst the tablecloths the day
after the wedding.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Go forth and love.

Make It & Take It 2018

Ten years later, we know how it’s done.

This year, we were ready, steady, GO TIME, WOW!

Rachel really rocks the house. I treated her to a massage this year, before the party. That was very smart of me.

That’s just one station, we have about six pre-set, and we can always throw another one together.

Sometimes, if there are a lot of kids we do a low station.

There are always a lot of kids.

Joseph has been coming for YEARS.  He saw the  mini M&M’s in the reach-in and of course, they went on his fudge pie!

Most of the regulars were there, and lots of pals from the Silverlake Music  Conservatory.


Zach and Ericka always launch their holiday season with a little pie-making. Vegan, of course.

There was a nice steady flow all day. The pace was perfect.

We only lost one pie, and then we found it!

Lot’s of first-timer, too! There’s nothing like your first pie!

My party favors were on point!  The ginger liqueur was the most popular, with pickled cranberries and chocolate cashew butter a close second.

Lunch was delicious. Our of all the many recipes we serve, I love the old school chicken Marbella the most, the yummiest.

Of course, the serious bakers always request early baking slots so they can work in a clean kitchen, and have a little extra time.


Look at these happy sisters. It warms my heart.

Megan convinced all her girl crew climbing team to come have some fun in the kitchen. I think they’ll all be back next year!

Elise the Magnificent was there from We Adorn You.

It wouldn’t be a party without her!

The old time string band, Echo Mountain, was such a wonderful addition. Kelly played the first Make it & Take It in 2008!

All in all, the best ever, of course!

You should come next year, it’s always the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

See you there!