Father’s Day is Sunday!

How about a little deliciousness for Daddio?

Please order by noon on Thursday June 18th, for pick-up Saturday, June 20th, 2020.

Email us your order and we’ll confirm in a timely manner.

Personalized Cuisine ~ Lucky #13

Personalized Cuisine – Lucky Thirteen! 

See descriptions below the menu, and e-mail us your order.

Just e-mail us before 8AM Monday and Thursday, for next day pick-up.

Broccoli cheddar quiche is a classic, with Red Fox cheddar.

Miso salmon is marinated with miso, seared and served with a  creme fraiche dip.

You know all about the brisket. This week with italian flavors and castleveltrano olives.

Laquered chicken is marinated overnight in red wine, basil, honey and tamari. roasted till the skin cracks and so juiy inside.

Asian flank has been a favorite over the past twelve weeks for good reason. Marinated overnight with ginger garlic and sweet tamari, and served with green beans.

Brown rice fritters are crispy rice patties with a mushroom barbeque dippy.

Vegatable tian is also gaining some popularity – thin cut carrots, potatoes, zucchini and onions with thyme and olive oil – slow roasted until the flavors meld and the edges are brown.

We’re looking forward to your order!

Email us!


Personalized Cuisine #12

This would a good time to order some cookies for your neighbors, or take a meal to a family, or friend in need.

Let’s have those difficult conversations.

Share food, spread love.

This week’s menu descriptions.

Ribs are back! In a ginger red cook sweet barbecue sauce, and they fall off the bone, as they should.

Crabcakes are lump crab, a little mirepoix and an egg or two. Soft and served with classic tartar.

There’s a little carne aside action in the meat aisle…

Diann wanted chicken with her pasta al pesto last week… what a great idea! Sundried tomato lusciousness.

I added brownies to the weekly availability. Because brownies.

Sweet potato lasagna is a classic vegan offering.

Don’t hesitate one minute to shout out your favorites.  We love to make  you happy.

Personalized Cuisine #11

Here we go into the eleventh week. Is that related to the eleventh hour?

Check the  giveaway at the bottom…

Menu descriptions for WEEK ELEVEN!

The spatchcock chicken is a whole bird flattened out with Mediterranean spices.

Stuffed cabbage is how you remember, deliciously seasoned ground turkey tucked into Napa cabbage with a sweet and sour tomato sauce.  (Vegan on request.)

Chicken and shrimp paella with peppers, arborio rice and a little chicken sausage. (Vegan on request.)

Chicken Schnitzel is triple dipped and pounded to perfection. A crispy coating with a fresh fruit chutney. (vegan on request with Korean Dave’s tempe)

Maple Pepper flank is like the Asian steak, only spicier!

Cashew cream spinach is YUM!

Buffalo cauliflower is roasted and tossed with buffalo sauce.

Ratatouille is delicious. Layered like a lasagna, all vegetables and gluten free too!

Catalan gazpacho is smooth and delicious. A staple in every Spanish kitche,

Baked white beans are simmered in the oven with Parisian herbs and a little white wine… YUM.

Check out the special and win a little something delicious!

A Little Help From my Friends

…and another June Special!

I got my COVID test today. Apparently they have plenty and the Mayor’s office is encouraging testing. My mom is ninety and my daughter is pregnant, so a test is a good idea. I’m always looking to maintain the happy, and I’m sure I’m negative but, it will be good to know for certain. ( I recieved negative results!)

So here we are. Eleven weeks into operation “Kill COVID”. Eight weeks to go? Who knows?… and that’s the tough part.

Here’s the thing.

I would not be surviving without a little help from my friends.

So here’s my shout-out.


I would not survive this without you.

So many folks from Sequoyah, my kids’ middle school, pick up on the regular. Clients coming from Culver City and Hermosa. My BFF orders food for her vegan son, every week! My girlfriends place orders, my husbands buddies, and friends I’ve made at Root-down fundraisers from years ago. Regulars from the Double Dutch  are showing up for brisket and The Amazing Corn Sensation.

And of course, So many clients from the past thirty five years!

My daughters besties place orders, my neighbors and even my staff.

I am soooo grateful. 

So here’s my special: Get a friend to order and you get a free entree! Never ordered before? Then get a friend to order with you and one of you will get a freebie!

So, in other words, tell a friend!  Win an entree!

Make sure to mention your buddy in the order, so we know what’s up.

I appreciate you very much.