Personalized Cuisine Week 16

Salmon Kebobs – Light and luscious.

We’re cooking the salmon medium rare, so you can  reheat and keep it juice.

Fettucini Alfredo will have sauce on the side. Oh so creamy.

Lamb Kefka is back!

More questions?  Drop a line!

And just for fun, here’s a picture of my grand daughter baby and her dog brother!


Fourth of July Pick up Friday

I’m sorry Los Angeles, You have been bad.

Your COVID numbers are threatening businesses… again!

No beach, no fireworks, no fun for you!

Let’s kick this thing by being smart, wearing our masks and staying within our pods.

Wouldn’t that be great?  We can do it!

In the meantime, pick up Friday for some fun Fourth food!

Email us your order by Thursday July 2nd, 8 am.

Prsonalized Cuisine Week Fifteen

Salmon Kebobs are skewered with zucchini, peppers and onions with a dijonaise on the side.

Katsu chicken is marinated, and deep fried in a panko crust. It’s one of Chef Eddy’s specialties, and served with a sweet soy dip.

Red Pepper chicken is made with chicken thighs and  caramelized red peppers with some brown rice, all baked together.

Broccoli slaw is raw broccoli with pepitas, cranberries & red onions in a creamy slaw dressing.

Minted Zucchini fritters are made with egg and herbs.

Spinach rice is a rich green rice, reaturing… spinach!

Frizzled chick peas with onions and feta – GF!

Dragon Noodles are wheat noodles made with tomatoes, sesame with some sweet and spice.

Production Menus

Individually packaged meals for safety on the set.

We are staying busy with our weekly take-out menus on Tuesday and Friday.

But boy and howdy, we are super ready to get back to production lunches!

We have all new menus below, please have a look.

 Many changes have created a brand new work space.

We are keeping it nice and clean, masked and sanitized.

Drop us a line!  We’d love to chat about all the changes.

Personalized Cuisine Fourteen

Lots of fun on this weeks menu!

The carrots are back! Roasted in Achiote and honey.

The cheddar & broccoli quiche, also delicious, is around for another week.

New items include chicken croquettes with a creamy gravy,

zucchini fritters and frizzled chick peas and feta. 

Don’t forget to order the cookies!  Made fresh, right before pick up.

Drop us a line with your order, we’re here for you!