Party Favors

My Favorite FavorI loved this party favor! It’s pear ( get it Pair!) seasoned olive oil for a wedding favor. So Lovely.

Pasture raised Organic Beef and Chickens!

Chaffin farms delivered on June 24th on time at the Rose Bowl.

Organic Farming Family Style

Organic Farming Family Style

I met the cutest farmers ever and picked up 1/2 a cow to be split by 5 families. Loading it back to the shoppe The 3 boxes are beef,  4 chickens on top about 5 pounders each,  and apricots in the basket. Don’t forget about the award winning olive oil ( not photographed)

Check out the farm!

I was so excited I forgot to photograph the meat, neatly packaged in one pound servings for the most part.  More on that later.