This year Jennie Cooks spent Halloween at the beautiful Smog Shoppe, for what I will now declare my favorite wedding of this year (which is a big statement since we do oodles of them). Not only was the celebration entirely VEGAN! (I know right?), but it was True Blood themed (hot), the staff got to dress up and last but not least, the bridal party did an MJ Thriller Flashdance at the end. Jelly yet?

The bride and groom were some of the sweetest people. I’ve never seen a girl more excited about her wedding food. She wanted all of her non-vegan guests to see how good plant based food can be. They had a lot of food and ate almost all of it! From the Tempeh Sliders to the Cashew Cream Lasagna, the meat eaters were getting down. They even destroyed the Gluten Free Mac n Cheese, which lets be honest seems hard to do.


The theme colors were red and black, very vampy. There were beautiful bouquets of red roses, a red “True Blood” signature cocktail, compostable black dining ware and dead decorations everywhere.

The eating tables

They look different..

Even their guests dressed up. My two favorites were a man guest who came as Arlene, the waitress, from True Blood and the adorable Witches of Eastwick.

And last but not least, our glorious staff, who gave up their Halloween night to be dead in Culver City.

A bunch of lookers thats for sure..

 I wish I had a video of their dance at the end but alas, it was too dark. It was a definite mini version of this though, maybe better actually.