…and another June Special!

I got my COVID test today. Apparently they have plenty and the Mayor’s office is encouraging testing. My mom is ninety and my daughter is pregnant, so a test is a good idea. I’m always looking to maintain the happy, and I’m sure I’m negative but, it will be good to know for certain. ( I recieved negative results!)

So here we are. Eleven weeks into operation “Kill COVID”. Eight weeks to go? Who knows?… and that’s the tough part.

Here’s the thing.

I would not be surviving without a little help from my friends.

So here’s my shout-out.


I would not survive this without you.

So many folks from Sequoyah, my kids’ middle school, pick up on the regular. Clients coming from Culver City and Hermosa. My BFF orders food for her vegan son, every week! My girlfriends place orders, my husbands buddies, and friends I’ve made at Root-down fundraisers from years ago. Regulars from the Double Dutch  are showing up for brisket and The Amazing Corn Sensation.

And of course, So many clients from the past thirty five years!

My daughters besties place orders, my neighbors and even my staff.

I am soooo grateful. 

So here’s my special: Get a friend to order and you get a free entree! Never ordered before? Then get a friend to order with you and one of you will get a freebie!

So, in other words, tell a friend!  Win an entree!

Make sure to mention your buddy in the order, so we know what’s up.

I appreciate you very much.