So here I am, In New Orleans. I had a bowl of  crab claws that made my heart sing, and maybe a beer or two within two hours of arrival. New Orleans reminds me of a boutique New York. So different between night and day, and I like them both.

Mardi Gras is a mere two weeks away, the decorations are up and the streets are being lined in Rose Parade style bleachers.  The local news is all a buzz with  restrictions about ladders and pre-placement and general grumpy law enforcement protocol.  But I’m here for WIPA.

There we are, the international board and all the chapter presidents.  As wedding professionals, and as the new director of community affairs,  we are an awesome group of celebration makers.  (and that’s my friend Jeffrey from Marcia Selden Catering –  I learned all about air drop today. Again.)

Besides having the best photo booths at industry events, and the best decor, best food, best hospitality, best cocktails…  WIPA  is built on integrity and ethics in the event industry. Being a caterer for thirty-three years,  I really respect and appreciate that approach.  I am all in.

(Another WIPA photo booth to show my excitement)

There are seventeen chapters and only three have community outreach directors. I have my marching orders and I’m ready to get WIPA on the map, as the do-gooders we are.

Wish me luck, and send all great ideas to build community with celebration my way!